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Machines For Sale

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The most complete slush machine designed for you

It presents a new concept: vertical ventilation, the best slush production in the smallest space. V-Air reduces operation time and helps you focus on what really matters; the customer.

Defrost 75% faster (+ $150.00)

Defrost mode prevents long defrost times during cleaning

Electronic Density Control

Perfect consistency while maintaining high product quality

Ergonomic Push&Pull tap

Cleans the tap in one piece, no need to dismantle it into several parts

New Mixer Seal

Remains in the machine during cleaning, no need to dismantle

Easy-to-remove filter

It’s located under the machine, just slide it forward

Perfect Sealing

The seal is easily placed in the bowl before mounting it on the machine.

Hinged Lid

Hinged front section, to fill the tank without removing the cover.

Security System

If leaks, the liquid passes into the drip tray through a tube, without damaging the interior of the machine.

Minimum Space and Maximum Performance: Vertical Air Flow

V-Air allows machines to be installed next to each other without leaving any space for ventilation. Cold air enters underneath the machine and exits through the rear grilles

          Choose your version
Basic Version                                              

Control: Touch pad                                                 

Modes: Slush,Stand by, Mix, Defrost, Stop             


Density Control: Electronic (Trough Display)               


Auto Modes: Yes                                                      

Remote Control: No                                                       


Language: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German     

Full Electronic Version (+ $150.00)

Control: Touchscreen


Modes: Slush, Stand by, Mix,Defrost&Slush,Defrost & Mix, Stop


Density Control: Electronic (Trough Display)


Auto Modes: Yes


Remote Control: Yes


Language: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German


Available in 2 Bowl version and 3 Bowl Version

V-air 2
6.4 Gallons (2 Bowls x 3.2 Gals)
35"x 17.9"x 23.7"
refrigerant propane (r-290)

$4300.00 includes local shipping/upgrades additional cost

V-air 3
9.6 Gallons (3 Bowls x 3.2 Gals)
35"x 25.8"x 23.7"
refrigerant propane (r-290)

$5600.00 includes local shipping/ upgrades additional cost

In Stock



In Stock

New GBG Granitime

The simplicity you need in a small space

The compact machine. Perfect for any type of business where simplicity, durability and professional performance

is the most important thing.

Easy to use

With only two switches you can activate the mixer and the slush production.

Stainless Steel

Combines superior performance with avant-garde materials for maximum durability.

Fast cleaning, total hygiene.

Bowl and tap easily removable without the use of any tools for quick maintenance.

Various types of drinks

Slushies, cold drinks, sorbets, frozen cocktails and other refreshing beverages.


1) 3 gal bowl



32.8" x 8.7" x 18.5"


$2150.00 plus shipping


2) 3 gal bowl



32.8" x 16.5" x 18.5"

114.6 Lbs

$3650.00 Plus Shipping



3) 3 gal bowl



32.8" x 24.4" x 18.5"

154.3 Lbs

$4450.00 Plus Shipping

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