Troubleshooting Guide

Here is the Troubleshooting Guide for Margarita Machine Rentals or Slush/Smoothie Machine Rentals.

We hope this will help your frozen drink machine rental experience be a pleasant one.

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PROBLEM                   POSSIBLE CAUSES                                                   SOLUTION

MIX NOT FROZEN                       Machine Outdoors:                                 Machine Indoors & Outdoors:

                                                                                                           Really High Ambient (combination of heat and humidity) Temperature

                                                                                                           Machine placed in direct sunlight

                                                                                                           Keep the machine as cool as possible. Provide plenty of air circulation and DO NOT place the machine in direct sunlight.


                                          Circuit overloaded

                                                                                                          These machines need a DEDICATED 15 - 20 Amp Circuit. Many builders string several plugs on one circuit. Make sure your plug

                                                                                                          is the only one being used on the circuit provided. 


                                Wrong type of extension cord

                                                                                                          ONLY USE THE EXTENSION CORD THAT WE PROVIDE. It is a 12 gage, 25 foot extension cord. Do not plug another cord on to our

                                                                                                          cord. Your cord will possibly burn and the machine's compressor won't turn on.


                                                                                                          Worst case you could have to pay to rewire the machine. The machines MUST be placed within 25 feet of a regularly

                                                                                                          wired (commercial or residential) plug using our extension cord. 


                                 Another appliance plugged into

                                 the same plug or circuit                                       Only use on of our machines on a dedicated circuit.  Visual "Granita Machines" require a 15 AMP dedicated circuit. 

                                                                                                         Larger Crathco or Taylor machines require a 20 AMP dedicated circuit.


                               Not enough time given for freezing                         NORMAL FREEZE TIMES ARE BELOW


                               The machine switch is in the "Clean" position           Make sure that the machine is turned to the "ON"  or "FREEZE" position  and NOT the "CHILL" or "CLEAN" position. 


                         Machine vents are blocked/poor air circulation           Be sure the machine is free from any blockage to the air vents on all sides. Don't put anything (i.e. crepe paper, boxes, table cloth,

                                                                                                          tape, balloons, signs etc.) on the machine that could block the air vents.


                              Too much alcohol used                                           The more liquor used the slower the freeze time.  Just be patient.  Remember that liquor/alcohol is an anti-freeze. 




Don't share the circuit with anything else (this includes all lights, warmers, microwaves, DJ power, guitar amps, A/C, heat, bubble machine, snow machine.......NOTHING else on the circuit)


Make sure the unit is plugged into a 3-prong grounded circuit only. Do not use a 3-prong to a 2 prong adapter.









 PROBLEM                                                  POSSIBLE CAUSES                                                                                   SOLUTION




                                                              Overloaded circuit                                                        See above solutions for keeping the circuit dedicated to the machine.

                                                              Breaker tripped                                                           Go to your breaker box and turn the breaker back on                                           
                                                             Machine(or extension cord) unplugged                           Make sure a guest didn't trip on the cord and accidentally unplug it from the wall.

                                                             Power switch not in the "ON" or "AUTO" position              Make sure the machine is turned on.







PROBLEM                                                                                             POSSIBLE CAUSES                                                                               SOLUTION


COMPRESSOR COMES ON                                         
                              LOW VOLTAGE SITUATION!!!                                      Immediately turn off the machine and find a plug on a dedicated circuit.




COMPRESSOR ARE ON                                                      Too many high energy appliances running at the same time           Turn off and unplug any unnecessary appliances

                                                                                     Surge in power courtesy of your Electricity Provider                     Call your Electricity Provider.

                                                                                     Wiring in the room may not support this large appliance        You may want to move the machine to another location that has more power available

                                                                                     along with normal electrical needs for the room                           or try to find another circuit that can be dedicated to the machine.


NOTE: Some dimming of the lights can happen from time to time. But if it is dramatic and seems that the power is struggling to keep up with demand, you may need to make some changes.





PROBLEM                                                                                                          POSSIBLE CAUSES                                                                      SOLUTION


Machine makes a knocking sound and shakes a little while it is running                   Not enough mix in the freezing chamber                         Always make sure the machine is full while you are using it.

                                                                                                                                                                                            If this occurs at the end of the party, go ahead and shut the machine off.


                                                                                                                     Machine is freezing and the thicker product has                When the product equalizes the machine's augers will be

                                                                                                                    "shifted" in the freezing chamber.                                    more centered. Think of this as a washer that became slightly                                                                                                                                                                                                              off balance. It will correct itself if there is sufficient product.


                                                                                                                   THE LITTLE RED LIGHT (MIX LOW)  IS ON (WILCH)                   The mix is low in the chilling (top hopper) chamber.

                                                                                                                    OR THE "MIX LOW" LIGHT IS FLASHING (TAYLOR)                   Add More Mix


 If it is during the course of the party, replenish the machine with more product. If it is at the end of the party, then turn the machine off. You can also push the switch to "Wash" or "Clean"

 so that the auger will push the remainder of the product out. You must then drain the machine and turn the machine off.



Keep in mind these are just estimates. 
Varying factors such as ambient temperature and electricity provided will change the times.  The hotter it is outside, the longer the freeze time. Good rule of thumb for freeze time of a machine outdoors is normally 2 - 3 TIMES the indoor rate of freezing.(Depending on the factors mention).


 7-20 minutes indoors
20-40 minutes outdoors


 20-45 minutes indoors
1-1.5 hours outdoors


 2 head
Visual Machines:

 1.5 hours indoors
3-4 hours outdoors

 ICE CREAM:              

 10-20 minutes indoors                                     
1-1.5 hours outdoors

Dole Whip Mixing Instructions:

Fill Clean Bucket With Cool Water to the One Gallon Line. Pour In One Bag of DOLE Soft Serve Mix While Stirring. 

Add Water to Bring the Mixture to the Two Gallon Line. Stir Mixture. Pour Mixture Into Soft Serve Machine OR Cover Bucket With Lid and Put In Refrigerator.

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