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Machine Operating Instructions


Thank you for renting a machine from Music City Margarita, this is a quick review of the operating and safety instruction already explained at the time of pick up.


  1. Be careful when loading and unloading your machine, some Drink machines weigh over 200lbs and require (2) people to safely load and unload

  2. Always transport your machine in the upright position, NEVER LAY A MACHINE ON ITS SIDE!

  3. You’ll need a regular 110v power outlet, but since our machine pulls We do provide heavy-duty extension cords at no charge if needed.


We Do Not Allow Our Machines To Be Powered By Generators.





Look at the bottle of Music City Margarita’s concentrated mix. See whether it says the product is 5:1 or 7:1 mix ratio.

  • If the mix is 5:1, fill the mixing jug with 2.5 gallons of cool water (up to the BOTTOM line drawn on the mixing jug.

  • If the mix is 7:1, fill the mixing jug with 3.5 gallons of cool water (up to the TOP line drawn on the mixing jug.

  • Pour the entire bottle of mix concentrate into the mixing jug.

  • Add Alcohol (if needed)


The recommended amount for margaritas - 1 and 1/2- 1.75l bottles of tequila per batch. Each batch of rum /vodka drinks requires 1- 1.75l bottle per batch.

  • Shake the jug vigorously to mix the product.

  • Pour the mixture into the hopper of your Music City Margarita frozen drink machine.

  • If you are using a visual machine (Carpigiani), .

  • Turn the machine on and set to Auto, On, or Freeze mode (Snow Flake).

  • In about an hour, enjoy!



Freezing tips:

Only use Music City Margaritas concentrated mix in our machines. Our mix is specially formulated to freeze to the appropriate consistency. Other mixes will not necessarily freeze correctly and can actually Damage the Machine.


To speed up freezing time, keep the mixing jug with any extra pre-mixed product in a refrigerator. This will chill the mixture, thereby reducing the time required to freeze when you add to the machine.


The mixing instructions are also printed on the label of the concentrate for your convenience.


Empty drip trays as need throughout your event.


Mix can stain your clothes, floor or counter so be sure to clean up as soon as possible.



Trouble shooting tips.


If your machine will not work or stops working

  1. Check your plug, make sure it is completely plugged in to outlet

  2. Check the switch on the machine to make sure it is on Freeze Mode (Snow Flake), Auto or ON. Machine will not freeze if place into Wash or Chill Mode (Rain Drops)

  3. Push the red reset button on back of machine (Taylor)

  4. Check your circuit breaker, machine has overloaded the breaker.  Find new source of power.



Machine Leaking

Taylor or Wilch

If your machine leaks check the face plate, the (4) knobs in the front corners of the face plate should be tight to prevent leaks. Do not over tighten the face plate or it can break!



Check the top hoppers, the barrel seal may have been knocked out of place. Remove the hopper and auger to place seal back on to the barrel. To remove the Hopper, gently lift up the entire hopper and pull it strait out. Next slide the auger off of the barrel, you should now be able to reposition the red seal around the barrel.

To reassemble the machine, place the auger back onto the barrel, then carefully slide the hopper back onto the barrel. You will need to reach inside the machine and gently lift the barrel while sliding the hopper into place. MAKE SURE THE RED SEAL DID NOT SLIP OFF AGAIN. The little cutouts on the bottom of the hopper should be lock into the base plate.


Please visit our web site for more self-help information under Troubleshooting tab @

Your machine was fully tested and in good working order prior to the pick up or delivery.

If you continue to have problems with your Machine, please feel free to call

Dole Whip Soft serve

Dole Whip Mixing Instructions:

Fill Clean DOLE Bucket With Cool Water to the One Gallon Line. Pour In One Bag of DOLE Soft Serve Mix While Stirring. 

Add Water to Bring the Mixture to the Two Gallon Line. Stir Mixture. Pour Mixture Into Soft Serve Machine OR Cover Bucket With Lid and Put In Refrigerator.

Need more help?

Click on a machine below to see a short video

Music City Margarita frozen drink machine Rentals
Music City Margarita frozen drink machine Rentals
Music City Margarita frozen drink machine Rentals
Music City Margarita frozen drink machine Rentals
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